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After we had already prepared for the possible “freedom of travel” in the last weeks it became clear that it would not be so easy to find open campsites. Our choice was therefore BellaVista on the Costa del Sol. A few neighbors knew the place and had advised us to go there. Sound for us according to a plan.
Unfortunately, the name BellaVista should not become a program. The Costa del Sol, also called Costa del Golf, is very touristic. That’s basically not quite our taste. However, these places are so completely without tourism, due to Corona, very terrible. On the square were still a few winter campers, otherwise ghost mood. Probably both of us also surrounded the farewell blues from Mojacar. It really wasn’t that easy to adjust to something new now. So we went to the sea and drank a caipirinha in the next best chiringuito.

It was quickly clear to us that we would only stay here for a maximum of two nights. Said done. We thought about going inland. We really wanted to see the city of Ronda, then to Cordoba and Jaen and finally to Granada before we went back to the sea.

The next place was now in the middle of the mountains. Already on the way there we realized how well this decision was doing to us. We arrived there in the afternoon and were almost the only ones on a rather wide large square, which was terraced in the middle of a mountain. Visible on the horizon, a white village built on a mountain, on top of a small cathedral and a castle ruin.

A weird feeling nevertheless spread. Are we the only ones who dare to drive a van through Spain in these times? We stayed anyway. The view and the tranquility were indescribable here. The next morning, huge griffon vultures circled majestically across the square. We opened the rear van door and drank our coffee with this indescribable view over the mountains. Better.
From here we could now make a day trip with the “Dicken” to the town of Ronda!
What we were offered in this town was unbelievable! What a city!!! Here we can probably have the photos speak.

When we got back to the place in the evening, there were actually a few more campers and the situation relaxed again!
The next morning it honked in front of our “Dicken” and a small car stopped right in front of our place. We were completely amazed! That was actually a bun service! A car with fresh bread and bread rolls in the trunk, directly suitable for breakfast! We bought a bag and were happy to be here.
We felt a little more comfortable every day, the weekend was just around the corner and it turned out, the Spaniards also packed their caravan for 3 days and drive out. How beautiful.

After these days in the mountains we went to Cordoba. We had chosen a place a good 35km outside, from here there was a bus connection to the city and the search for a parking space was spared. Otherwise there were not too many notable amenities on this place. The hope that the nearby streets would not be heard too loudly came true, everything else, well. It was a place that gave the impression that people lived here all year round and that youth groups are a target group. It wasn’t full, but again the gut feeling said, this is not going to be our place. But he didn’t need that either, we wanted to go to Cordoba anyway.
Cordoba has also conquered our hearts. The Mezquita… Oh just look at yourself.

What an impressive cathedral/mosque. Those who come to Cordoba should have seen them. Even so, the city has a lot to offer. The Jewish Quarter delights with its narrow streets, handicrafts and bodegas. A lot closed, you also notice here the lack of tourism very much.
It gets hot in Spain and of course you notice that very much in the narrow cities. We found a shady place near a dance school, watched the dance students arriving there and still enjoyed the tranquility of a still slightly sleepy city.
The decision not to go to the city for a second day led to the question, where is now going? We had already decided against a detour to the area around Jaen, we noticed more and more that we just after such a long time of standstill, now also the time needed to process the many impressions, instead of recording more and more. Actually it was planned back to the sea. But somehow the last places still oppressed us. Since we had a relatively fixed time window and a desired campsite for Granada, the place by the sea should become one where we could stay for several days. But if it isn’t, then what? The later we get there, the less bad if he isn’t?! Or? With all the thoughts we both woke up the next morning and made the same decision. We want to be free one night at a lake near the notorious Caminito del Rey, once the most dangerous route in the world. Said done, wash done and then probably the best at this Cordoba visit campsite, a few lanes in the pool, all alone…

On the way there, the tension rose. Will we be brave enough? Are there more campers or will we be alone? Does anyone come and scare us away? We’ll see. We arrived alone and were able to stand at the front with a view over the lake up to the dam. What a backdrop. Perfect for the first night. We took a walk in the surrounding area and went for some food. The sun was bowing to doom and we wanted to experience this moment on our small pitch, so quickly back. With a gin and tonic in our hand and pounding hearts, we experienced the sunset and then retreated into the “thickness”. Gradually there were no more cars, there were not many on the road through the national park. It became quiet. And we also, we listened to the few sounds to observe a beautiful starry sky and count shooting stars. One slept deep and firm, the other looked out the window every half an hour to see if anyone was coming…
… but no one came. Result the next morning: One slept, the other not, but both proud as can be.
After the first coffee we went down to the lake. There we enjoyed a little more peace and as it got more hustle and bustle, we went on…

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