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The plan to celebrate the birthday in Barcelona was pursued. Since we didn’t want to go to the city with the van, we were looking for a place just outside of which we could commute. This meant above all, a place by the sea. For the first time on this journey we stood directly on the Mediterranean Sea. The somewhat adventurous at this place, the way to the real beach promenade led directly along railway tracks, no beach on a good 2km to the right and to the left of the place, but rocks. But at least we could fall asleep sheltered, because next to us there was a small enclosure with donkeys, sheep, goats and chickens.
On arrival the place was still very uninhabited and we had the open view of the sea right in front of the thick and could hardly believe our luck, at a great sunset, to enjoy this. This happiness was put to the test again, when the coffee was on the plan in the morning and the driver’s side window was to be opened for the oxygen supply during the use of the gas cooker.
Trying to position the ignition to make the window jack work only led to a wild flashing of the display. Wild flashing, please don’t flash again. Beginner error, cool box hung on the starter battery all night. So we called our fathers for the umpteenth time. Not 2 weeks on the road and up to now almost daily calls. The magic word was, battery charger. This part, which we still thought we never need, is packed to the back. But since we wanted to stay for 5 days anyway, we drove first to Barcelona, the place offered a very cheap bus service to the city center.
Arriving in Barcelona, the city received us without any restrictions from Corona in the most wonderful weather. We strolled through the Gothic Quarter and enjoyed the great winding streets and the Spanish flair. The day of course also included an obiglatorial visit to a café, as well as a visit to the beach and food with sea views.
In fact, there were also a few small markets to visit, as well as a relaxed street musician session with people dancing on the street. We had booked the last bus back to the place, so the end of the day was already fixed. All in all, however, a great foretaste of coming back, 2 days later, to celebrate birthday.
The following day we had planned to explore the area a bit, unfortunately the weather left something to be desired at the beginning of the day and so we walked a good bit in one direction and then return by train. We drove to the Mataro, about 4km away, to look around. A very small little sleepy place where we found a small very nice café and then to enjoy the sun with a little snack and the coffee in a park. Shortly bought and then back, it wanted to be cooked something and then it was already time to cuddle up. The evenings are still cool as soon as the sun retreats. Then it was time, birthday. Completely unreal to celebrate this in Spain, like home, with birthday table, candles to blow out, a homemade cake (chocolate cake from the Omnia). And most importantly, of course there was a birthday song. It’s hard to believe. We had booked the bus to Barcelona again, only the return trip we wanted to organize this time ourselves, with train and shuttle service. There were two fixed projects for that day. One was to visit the Sagrada la family, incl. of a tower. We had booked the tickets in advance, which was also a good thing. Tip, if you can, look at this incredible building, construction began in 1882, it will most likely be completed in 2026. So open, so impressive, so different than you’d expect. So detailed and yet so big-thinking. The pictures can’t nearly reflect it, only give a small impression. And drive to one of the towers, it takes your breath away.

The other was finding a great tapas bar and kicking, chatting and being simple with a friend from Hamburg, who happened to be also in Barcelona. The selection of delicious tapas was huge. We chose Pimientos de Padrén, Patatas Brava with aioli, olives, jamon and anchoas fritas. And of course there was champagne to toast….
Result: Everything done and safely back in place with train and shuttle!

The last day before the ride was marked by tidying up, washing clothes, charging the starter battery and what you do when you’re just in place.

Next day, “Der Dicke” jumped again, it went to Valencia. Also here a place outside, this time not by the sea but with a direct connection to the train to Valencia. An easy place, we wanted to stay a maximum of 2 days. Corona was more noticeable but still a relaxed atmosphere, even in the city.
Again a curiosity. In order for the train to take us to Valencia, we had to wave at the track! Only then did the train stop. But we also mastered this skilfully in order to be able to spend the day in Valencia. Also a very nice town. We strolled without a plan and landed directly in a fantastic, huge market hall in the middle of the city.
Fresh fish, great fruit, jamon without end, tapas and much more. We would have preferred to have bought every stand empty.

After all these impressions we needed a coffee. Directly in front of the market hall on a beautiful market place with “people look” we took a seat in the sun. Gorgeous.
Since Valencia is also by the sea, we thought about which way to go there best. After about an hour’s walk we decided to take the bus to the sea. Not so easy without Spanish language skills (we are just starting to learn) to find the right direction. Arriving at the sea, the Corona crisis was already more palpable, hardly any people on the way, many restaurants closed and a strangely quiet atmosphere. But a tiny, mint-coloured coffee/restaurant had a place for us and we enjoyed the afternoon overlooking the sea. The way home was another little challenge. Which S-Bahn is going back to the right station? Equipped with a small chip card from the campsite, you register at the railway stations. Only when boarding, not when disembarking. Long speech short sense, but we arrived happy at our van. The next morning, however, Corona was already very close. The Spanish news heard that there should be measures and all the campmates were puzzled as to what would be the best solution now. We decided to take a long distance to Andalusia and look for a place there, on which we could stand “in need” a little longer. Found!

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