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With the free thoughts of being able to travel again soon, the courage comes to tackle something that we have already thought about again and again in Hamburg. We found a wakeboarding facility near our campsite, were there just to look and hike. Now it should be time, we had arranged an appointment, one hour only we two on the plant. Oh man, we were so scared. No matter, it was time for adventure, so off. First of all we learned beginners take a kneeboard to get a feel for the facility. Honestly, not much makes more sense as it turned out. 5 minutes briefing, then we started. Helmet on, life jacket on, strapped on the board and wait until we are pulled on to the water. And BÄM! it works, no fall, but “surf” on your knees along the long distance to the bend, now steer and then the plant pulls you around and your arms long, ok, that’s a show of strength, no matter, now long straight and then let go, first lap managed, happy we paddle on land. Both of us managed our first round without any problems, which gives praise. 🙂 Okay, again that’s really fun, thinks the head, the arms already say you don’t train for a long time. Nevertheless, get out on the water, how great!! Now we even manage 2 laps at a time but it will be harder in every turn to hold the dumbbell, so strong is the train. Great sport or great whole body training. We are completely k.o. but very happy to have done it, now we know how it feels and will certainly try it again. The coach says at the end, everything will hurt you, laugh a lot today, tomorrow it won’t be possible anymore. One of us already notices it, the other says cheerfully, so everything is still good. Wait for tomorrow… Nothing is possible anymore. Arms, back, legs, abdomen, it hurts at all corners, edges and curves. We suffer, indeed, but pride and happiness prevail, Yes, we did.

A few days later, a rather cloudy day was announced, perfect to visit the desert of Tabernas, the filming location of the good old Westerns or Game of Thrones. We picked out a hiking trail and off we went. We passed Western villages, which were original filming locations, today there are Western shows, in memory of these films. Suddenly, you feel like you’re back in that time. Especially if you’re on the ground on your own, you’re expecting a squad of cowboys riding behind the next corner.

An impressive landscape, with no longer inhabited caves and dried-up river beds. We saw fresh traces of wild boars, climbed up and down and then a mountain goat came round the corner with her offspring and looked at us curiously. We couldn’t believe it, we alone, that was already a little adventure, then just animals that come around the corner and what we visit next time is the oasis from the movie “Lawrence of Arabia”. For today’s trip it was a lot of excitement and effort and so we went back to the “Dicken” and back to Mojacar.

With the thought already in the back of our minds that it could go on, we realized that we haven’t spent an evening in Mojacar Playa, so we had to walk down the mountain and drink a cocktail on the beach. The light became enchanting, the atmosphere was relaxed, there were tapas and we just enjoyed the moment not to be at the campsite, but to go out. Another moment that felt like normality, even if few guests were with us in the bar.

Man, we are allowed to drive in the province, there are such great places by the sea, we wanted to stand free, is now the moment? A few days ago we had discovered the small village of La Isleta de Moro, stood there in a parking lot on the beach and thought that you could stay here too.

So we set off, parked above the beach, looked at it, the wind whistled the sand around our ears but we were very enthusiastic. As always, first a coffee. What a view, the fisherman’s boulder rocked on the waves, the sea colors a dream, yes, here we wanted to stay for one night. But somehow it didn’t feel right, then we read the sign, camping forbidden. Should we deliberately break the rules? We decided it wasn’t the right moment, lay on the beach a bit, went swimming and then drove back “home”.

While we were still recovering from the experiences and muscle soreness of wakeboarding, the rumours of possible travel throughout Andalusia grew louder! We listened very carefully throughout the first week of June and at the end of the week (we were just lying on the beach, bathing in the sea) then came the very final statement!!! From Monday, June 8, 2020 it will be possible to leave our province and travel through All Andalusia!
What a moment. We had talked about it so many times, thought about what else we want to see when the time comes and then it’s there, the moment!

For the first time we also realized how beautiful it had been in Mojocar and on our place with our little “family”. We planned our departure for Tuesday, June 9. Before that we wanted to see the beautiful village of San José, have a little farewell party on the square and enjoy one last evening just for us with the best Argentine in the city.
So the days in Mojocar were really numbered! We started to grab our “Dicken” so slowly on Saturday. We hadn’t done that in this form for ages. How were the bikes in the back again? Which box comes to the left, which one to the right? Is this really all our stuff??

But then everything went faster than expected. On Sunday we made our last day trip, because on Monday evening we wanted to do our little farewell party at the place.
It went to San José. Another beautiful place, known for its dream beaches and the turquoise sea. It was really magical. Somewhat dreamy, with small cafes and lots of young people.
We let ourselves drift. On that day we were more silent than usual. Although we had wished nothing more than to continue, we knew that this farewell would be one of the hardest of our journey!

Then came Monday. It was rain that day and it was much cooler than the days before. Hopefully, our farewell would not fall into the water. We had thought about handing over a memory and a thank you for everyone! With our Polaroid camera there was a photo of us, glued into a card on which we had written a few nice words. We had already told everyone about our departure on Sunday and invited us to 6 p.m. on Monday.
The clouds moved up and it was a round in hoodies and long trousers, but it was a beautiful last lap.
When we said goodbye after three hours and handed out our cards, everyone had a souvenir of ours. Everyone came to us with a little gift and very dear words. Without hugs we thanked each other and went to bed with a fluffy feeling in our stomach. The last night in Mojocar. What would we expect now? Do we meet so dear people again? Will the places be just as beautiful?
The next morning there was an early coffee and around 9 o’clock the engine jumped off the “Dicke” and we rolled off the place. Right and left the campers immediately came out of the mobiles and did not let ourselves be seen waving to the exit and shouting all the best.
Uff! It was sad. As soon as we had driven through the barrier and a few kilometers on the road, the tears came to us…

However, there was no real time to cry, because after about twenty kilometers of driving, Anke noticed that a yellow light was lit up on the display. What was that? Briefly checked in the manual and on Google… anything with the engine!!!
After we briefly asked a father on the phone about it again, we were told to repent!! Back to Mojocar and off to the workshop!!!
We didn’t think we’d be back so quickly.
Luckily it was just a small thing and we were finally able to aim for the next goal with a delay of 4 hours… Adios Mojacar!

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