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A week ago we started, our road trip 2020. After Corona had made a dash through our Italy plans, the new first goal was to celebrate birthday in Barcelona. For this route we wanted to take 4-5 days. We started after a farewell round with the family, in the Harz.

For the first time on the road, we rejected our first thought of making a stopover around Frankfurt and drove directly to the Drei-Länder-Eck to Neuenburg am Rhein. After this 8-hour drive, the next morning we had a short trip to the gym (if you already have the luxury on the campsite). Then, in the rain that continues to flow, the next target is targeted. Once again we took a longer route, Avignon should be the next destination. The weather only improved in the late afternoon and the route continued into the evening hours. In the sea of lights of the city we reached a small square overlooking the Papal Palace and the bridge Pont d’Avignon. Incomprehensible!!!
The ladies and gentlemen of the reception served directly the cliché of the typical French, not overly friendly and unwilling to speak the English language. Nevertheless, we got a small place under trees and ended the day only with the power supply and nothing else.
This power supply was also the one that woke us up that night at 1:30 a.m., after the display for the parking heater, as well as the standby light of the TV, illuminated “Den Dicken” in 10-second intervals again and again brightly. A look at the panel for the additional batteries as well as the solar brought the info, TO MUCH ENERGY. Everything flashed like wild and with us: tired eyes and a big question mark… Okay, too much can only mean, let’s take something away. So, get out of the van and cut the power supply. Zack, the panel calmed down immediately and everything was good again.
The night ended quietly and the next morning a sunny Avignon in blue sky invited us to discover it.

We started directly with a highlight, the visit of the Papal Palace. Equipped with audio guides and tablets, we spent 2-3 hours in this fantastic Unesco World Heritage Site. We can only recommend this visit to everyone, because you can even take a look into the world of that time with the tablets. And in the end, if you are good :-), you can even take home a certificate.

Afterwards we simply let ourselves drift through the streets.
It’s still off-season, which means not all shops are open and it’s fair to say the high unemployment rate is a little noticeable. Nevertheless, we are thrilled and would come back. The following day we went further south, the next border was crossed.

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