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Today we are 9 weeks on this campsite. Not entirely voluntarily, but now also with the tangible goal to move on soon. Yes, this option has been working out for about 14 days now. We managed to endure it, endure all the restrictions (sometimes more, sometimes less well) and now took the first steps. For the past fortnight, Spain has been in the de-escalation phase of a new normal. Starting with fixed time slots in which we were allowed to do sports and walks, we are now already able to move freely in our province since this week. And since we seem to have been in one of the most beautiful provinces, we are just more than happy and actually overwhelmed by many, but positive. So many new impressions, sometimes still oppressive and then again so impressive that we sit there silently because we lack the words. For this reason, too, we do not want to make so much text today, but simply let pictures speak!

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