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Our plan to go as far as Andalusia to stay there, if there were to be travel restrictions, proved to be the ultimate right decision. Thank God we had received an OK to arrive by phone and in writing in advance. Less than 24 hours later, the campsite was closed as a precaution, no one was allowed to arrive. After that, the events took over, we try to summarize something here.
The reception was closed on our arrival, we were looking for a nice place and then later checked in at 3 curious but relaxed Berlin and Southern German ladies. On the first 2-3 days we got to know our neighbours, Germans, British, Dutch, most of them for over 6 months here, pensioners in winter camping. We were greeted kindly and arrived ourselves. We heard on the day of arrival the beach was now cordoned off but still one could at least walk along the promenade. We did that for the first time and so far for the last time. The picture that opened up was already surreal, the entrances to the sandy beach were blocked with red and white band, we had not seen anything like it. The city itself was as extinct, despite the sunshine no one on the streets. What exactly the so-called curfew was all about was not even to be guessed at at this stage. From now on, the information and news, but of course also the rumours, piled up. While all the campers were still more or less deeply relaxed, it became more restless every day and the place emptied. Gradually, campers left.
But let´s go step by step. So what exactly was the point of curfew? The only ways that are allowed to us to this day are those for shopping, to the pharmacy or to the doctor, if we need one. If you have a dog, you can lead him out, otherwise no walks, no sports/jogging and no paths outside the campsite. Since we are a bit remote here, we were still brave and went up the mountain a little off the road, but we left that, because the police also control the side streets, as we learned from a lady from the village.
In addition to the rules of curfew, however, new information was added almost daily. We heard about the fact that in Spain until 26.03. all campsites and hotels are to be closed and guests must leave within 7 days. Unrest on the pitch, what does that mean, so do we all have to go home, will the decision be taken away from us? The operators of the campsite remained relaxed and told us that we have not yet received such information, nor can you stay, we will have a plenary session with the people in charge of the town hall and the police in the coming days, then hopefully we will know more. In this context, we had to write down our personal data for the police, license plates, name, age, passport ID, arrival, planned departure. This gave a very good feeling for perhaps unexplainable reasons, because what would it be needed for if we had to leave. The back info as the plenary decided did not, the waiting did not make everything any better, the first campers who actually wanted to stay packed their things. There was a rumour, after the 26.03. would no longer be possible to leave at all. We continued to try to inform ourselves, found no such information and took some distance from the neighbourhood talks, which were understandable but also exhaustingly no other topic. Then the police came to the square unexpectedly in the morning and checked all the information we had provided and explained again the rules we had to follow, which probably meant that we were allowed to stay. From now on, only one person in the vehicle was allowed to go shopping. But since we have always done this on foot, we asked if this was possible to go in pairs, because we also had to wear a lot, the OK we got a good feeling as long as we go by far.
The next “walk” to Mercadona turned out to be a little more relaxed, because we had now officially received the “Go” from the police. However, we were then informed in the supermarket by a cashier that we are not allowed to shop in pairs and that one of us has to wait outside. Next cut. We followed the rules and so one Anke just sat waiting at the door.
In the meantime, we have somehow become accustomed to all the measures and decided to wait until Easter to decide whether this sabbatical still makes sense for us or not.

Then came the said 26.03. and the Berlin lady announced a new message: From now on all sanitary facilities will be closed!!! Only an “emergency toilet/shower” should remain open. Next shock. How is this supposed to work? Do we still want that? After the first panic of all the neighbors had passed by and we had fallen asleep over this news, the next day looked more relaxed again. The reduction of three showers and toilets for the ladies, had been minimized to one. But there was one more and so we had everything we needed.

Why do we stay? Should this be our life’s dream? Are we not wasting time here? No, no and no. We stay because it is very nice here, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the neighbours form a good community and the view is fantastic. No, that wasn’t our idea of how this sabbatical works, but everything in life is good for something and we’ve learned that it doesn’t always come as expected and we still find a way to do it. It still works very well. How to waste time? You use them for a variety of things and that’s how we do it now, time is precious and the view of it makes you start and enjoy anew every day, with all its challenges. We’ll see what awaits us…

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